The author – Keith Browning

Ex-sportsman (athlete, rugby, football, cricket, sailing and a whole lot more).

Ex-schoolteacher (physical education, geography and a raft of specialties gained in covering lessons for sickly female teachers)

Ex-pharmaceutical industry (salesman, trainer and all round mentor)

Retired from all these five years ago – now a family historian, who specialises in solving family riddles, which always seem to include the famous, the great and the good of the past 1000 years.

The fall-out from this has thrown me into a wormhole, where I discovered that the Bard wasn’t really the Bard, and that most of the history I learnt at school was total bunkum.


One Response to About

  1. Dear Keith Browning, your Shakespeare Re-invented’ seems to prove the conclusions of Professor Edwin Johnson d 1901 Historian that almost all English literature accepted as early English history is forgery to create an image of the past that later royalists thought public should have.

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