Chapter headings


Shakespeare Re-invented


William Shakespeare and the Children of the Knights Templar

by Keith Browning


A challenge to 400 years of Shakespeare fantasy..!!




There’s something in the air

William Shakespeare – never heard of him?

Serge de Nîmes – all in the blue genes



Chapter One – Preparing the ground

Parish records, name maps & DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

Crammer – Coincidences

How do you solve a problem like Mr Shakespeare?

Horological crammer – Gregorian Time

Financial crammer – Tudor Money

Pennine Wool and the Halifax crocus

The Company of Merchant Adventurers

Crammer – English Kings and Queens 1066 – 1649

Crammer – England or Great Britain – confused?


Chapter Two – Roots of the Tree

The Jagger Clan Jagger or Jaggard or Gager?

The Gager family of Long Melford Cockney Jaggers

Crammer – Gentleman usher

Crammer – conspiracy theorists, crazy people.?

Religious crammer – good and bad habits


Chapter Three – The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar – the genuine article

Grand Marshal

Earls of Pembroke


Chapter Four – The Famous Cloptons…??

The famous Clopton family – never heard of them!

Cloptons in London and Stratford-upon-Avon


Chapter Five – William Shakespeare: first sightings

William Shakespeare – at last

Plays and poems

Science to the rescue..?

Creating Shakespeare by committee

Crammer – manuscripts and foul papers

View haloo..!!

More poems


Chapter Six – Shakespeare: the man

The Bard’s biography

Footprints in the sand

William Shakespeare and his Dad

William Shakespeare’s schooldays?

Mr and Mrs William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare – Protestant or Catholic

The Affair of the Coat-of-Arms

Cooked book

From Stratford to London and back again

The death of a Stratford wheeler-dealer and part-time actor

Will’s Last Will

The Signatures

Not a pretty picture


Chapter Seven – Plenty More Shakespeares

Genealogy of the Shakespeare Clan

Shakespeares in Temple Balsall, Wroxall and Rowington

The End is Nye

‘And Now for Something Completely Different’

Crammer – Naming patterns before Kylie and Romeo

John Shakespeare’s tribe

Fall-out from the coat of arms saga

The Archers – an everyday story of Shakespeare folk

More Shakespeares


Chapter Eight – Noble Beasts

Born on the ‘wrong side of the sheets’

Crammer – hanged, drawn & quartered

Medical crammer – Syphilis

Wards of Court

The Williams

Virgin Queen?

Loyal Crammer – Royal Court

The Royal House of Dudley – so near but so far

The Tudor Literati – Sidney, Sidney and Sidney

Cecils and many more Cookes


Chapter Nine – Printers, Publishers & Booksellers

The Invention that changed the World

Crammer- book and paper sizes

Crane & Crammer – manuscripts and foul papers

Shakespeare – who printed what?

Twenty more plays

Jaggard & Jaggard & Jaggard – publishers & printers

The Passionate Pilgrim

Jaggard’s printer devices

A False Start

‘Mr Shakespeares comedies, histories and tragedies’

Jaggard family connections to Shakespeare and his plays


Chapter Ten – Coleman Street, London


Chapter Eleven – Alternative Shakespeares

Stratfordanistas and Superman

Edward de Vere – Earl of Oxford

Francis Bacon

William Stanley – Earl of Derby

Christopher Marlowe

Roger Manners – Earl of Rutland

Henry Neville

George Peele

Phoenix Nest

Legal crammer – Inns of Court


Chapter Twelve – Cordells, Cecils & Saviles

William Cordell – Master of the Rolls

Connections to the New World

A Row of Saviles Cecils and Cordells


Chapter Thirteen – William Gager: top of the class

The Metamorphoses

William Gager’s Final Fling

Who were the Gagers?

William Gager and the Countess

Fulke and Phil


Chapter Fourteen – A Magic Circle

‘Just like that !!!’

Heavens above


Rosicrucians play hide and seek


Chapter Fifteen – A taste of Italy & a French dessert

Frescos and saltsellers

Paris Match


Chapter Sixteen – Shakespeare and the Secret Societies

With full masonic ritual

There’s a Russelling in the bushes

An Entertainment for the Brethren

Two-tone masonry


Chapter Seventeen – England & Germany – extra time

Behind the scenes

Portugal, Chaucer and Christopher Columbus…!!

Gold and the Search for Everlasting life

The ‘invisible’ College

Merchant Taylors – ‘suit you sir’?


Chapter Eighteen – Jonson & Co – master craftsmen

Shakespeare was a Yorkshireman

Blounts everywhere you look

Ben Jonson

Who’s Kyding who..??


Chapter Nineteen – Vows of Silence

Beginning of the End


Venus and Lucrece

Towards a Crescendo



More KISSes

Footprints in the sand


Epilogue – ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Worth the wait

‘I wanna tell you a story’


© Keith Browning – 21st December 2012 – updated April 2016


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